The future is green

at Affinity House

Creating a Self Sufficient Workspace

Why is this important to us? Because we believe in the power of community. We recognise that great things can happen when people come together, and that happens every day in our co-working spaces. But we are all also part of the global community, and it’s important that we play our part in making the world a better place. At Affinity House, that means creating a workspace that’s self-sufficient and leaves no carbon footprint.

We are aiming to further fine tune our energy efficiency programs within the centre throughout 2024. With the site already providing 7 EV charging spaces powered by our very own wind turbine the centre already displays the commitment in reducing it's carbon footprint. In the future we’re aiming to install solar panels as part of our ongoing site development and commitment to sustainability.

It’s an ever-evolving project, and we’ll always be committed to it.

If you want to join the Affinity House community, we are leasing office space to local organisations, or larger companies looking to install a satellite office here in Dundee. With a network of companies in the innovative tech, renewables, and construction industries already at home here, it’s a great place to innovate, network, and get down to business fast.



Super Fast Wi-Fi

Life would probably stop if access to our beloved wi-fi went down. That's why we offer super fast wi-fi to all of our clients.

Free Parking

As part of Affinity Business Centre your employees and guests receive free parking within our secure parking facilities.

Free Tea and Coffee

Now we've got your attention!